Dec 4, 2014

Book Review : Grave Doubts & Heaven Sent by Meg Cabot

Salam. Hello boyfriends and girlfriends .
After completing this guy at school, i want to share and give my humble opinion for this book.

Meet Susannah Simon: she's a typical teenage girl who just happens to be a ghost-hunter...oh, and she's also dead-over-heels for Jesse - the sexiest spook ever! But can this girl get her ghost? In "Grave Doubts", Suze has to contend with fellow ghost-hunter, Paul Slater, who gives her a deadly ultimatum. Unless she dates him, he'll send Jesse into the afterlife - for good. Paul may be totally hot, but Susannah Simon will not be bossed around. Let the games begin...In "Heaven Sent", all Suze's dreams have come true - she's finally dating the most gorgeous ghost of all time, Jesse! But when her creepy admirer threatens to travel back in time and stop Jesse from dying, Suze is distraught. Will her new boyfriend choose life or love?

Let's start shall we. Meg Cabot isn't someone new to me, i happened to enjoy reading her book so far but once i put my eyes on this book, well it happened to shock me.
I never know that Meg Cabot also write this kind of book, ouh you know my type the romantic-supernatural-vampire-werewolf-and-all-their-siblings-bookworm .
But it happen that this book is in a series , i'm kinda down of course,
well where i'm gonna find on this earth all the series *smirk lastly i managed to read all the series
but i'm lucky enough to grab the last series so i tell myself maybe i'm gonna understand all this story . there's maybe in that. 

The story isn't so complicated so i managed to put my imagination and delusion fit enough with the story.
you can imagine all the story though because she is kind of explain how something happened like who is jess , well she doesn't supposed to write it again cause that supposed to happened it the first series but Meg Cabot seemed like put the flashback scenes where Susannah simon first meet Jess the sexiest spook ever . it's hard at first cause you will want to know who is this sexy Paul Slater or what did he do to Susannah Simon but once the story taken place and start to move to each chapter you'll kind understand their unchemistry gap between them.
The words also is quite easy but if you are beginner in this supernatural thing , you'll need a dictionary alongside you to understand certain words in the supernatural world.

I am going to review this series altogether rather than book by book. 
So let start with the story. 
The Mediator series is about Susannah Simon (Suze as she likes to be called), a sixteen year old girl who is a mediator, which means she can see and speak to the dead. She helps them with any unfinished business they have on earth so that they can pass on, and sometimes she has to kick ghost butt. 

The story starts with Suze moving from New York to California to live with her mother's new husband Andy and his three sons, David, Brad and Jake or as Suze calls them, Doc, Dopey and Sleepy. On arrival at her new house, she discovers that her bedroom is occupied by the ghost of Jesse, a hot guy who died about 150 years previous, around the age of 20. When she starts at her new school, she meets another mediator, the first one she's ever met, and they, with the help of Jesse, kick some ghost butt throughout the series. 

It is a really great book. And like the other books is about forbidden love but this kinda ships the whole impossible borderline of how the living and the dead can't be together. I love how this book is about hope and how people can change. 

These books were a fantastic read. I really liked Meg's writing style. Suze was a great character, witty and sarcastic and she was accompanied here by many great characters, I liked them all, even the ones that weren't supposed to be liked lol. The first three books were enjoyable but I felt the series really took off from book 4. A new character is introduced (Paul Slater) and a kind of weird love triangle begins. 

I enjoyed every moment when Jesse and Suz becoming closer and closer! The Paul guy freaked me out, nonetheless. Yeah I know, he was an extremely-hot-and-sexy guy, but so what? He was also an if-you-don't-date-me-I-will-kill-your-boyfriend type of guy. Paul was also a mediator/shifter who could see as well as talk to ghosts. He could shift through time just like Suz. He even had more knowledge about shifting than Suz, since he taught her about how to be a better mediator.

This book like the "Abandoned Trilogy" is amazing and I would have to say that Jesse and Susan have a much stronger love then John and Pierce. Cause though it is hard to be with a God, at least a God isn't dead and has a means of taking care of his loved one, plus you can introduce him to your perents. But a ghost on the other hand ye now that's hard but the fact that Jesse and Susan, well more like Susan found a way to be with Jesse, without killing herself. And so they can grow old together, now that is really strong love.

Heaven Sent was slighty different how it was more about suze and jesse and paul interfering in there relationship and trying to ruin things. This was intense that i got emotional in reading it as i just wanted things to work out for suze and jesse and for them to be happy but everyone and everything just seemed to get in the way. I really loved the ending as it was so different and nothing like what i was expecting to happen. 

So that's how is it. It's really emotional book i like how my feeling being carried away with this book how Susannah Simon was so afraid that jesse will choose her life instead of her . but shockingly she got two of them.BAM! Until the ending that surprised me... It was so unpredicted that right now, I am speechless.. 
YOU SHOULD READ THIS SERIES, PEOPLE! okay praised for Meg Cabot. Truly 5 stars buddy!

After reading a book well this is a must:
-If you love something, set it free. If it was meant to be, it will come back to you. -That hurt querida, that really hurt . - You need to be with someone your family and friends can actually see. You need to be someone who can grow old with you. You need to be with someone alive. (this quote actually managed to put my eyes teary) 

until then, XOXO

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