May 25, 2017

UNIMAS : Flight Ticket & DPT

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I'm opposing young people or girl to marry early , I don't fucking care the reasons that people said like 'elakkan zina, or that are on the same page' . For me, if you are a bloody horny af pun , you married early pun there is no such thing that can guaranteed you from being away from zina, I mean you can still see other guys on this earth , tipulah you kata nafsu you on that same guy je urgh. So, for me the right way is for you to learn to control yourself first, imagine you kahwin awal dengan alasan nak elak zina, yelah everyday you see your boyfriend kan mana tak horny like dat hah, nanti bila dah lama kahwin you bosan then you see other guys yang lagi hot then you *** , so mananya kahwin awal for elakkan zinanya? So conclusion is , fix yourself first , thing like this macam lari dari masalah hahah, but ingat lari lah macam mana pun bende tu still tied at your back , nanti dah kahwin hah masalah money la pulak, nonstop burden coming. But this is solely my humble opinion and i fokuskan golongan yang kahwin awal and neglect their studies actually. Ingat whatever the reason is , you have to be a successful mommy , note to self.

Okay jauh tersempang kan , so back to the topic, btw if you want to read about all my procedures you can see the story genre Unimas at the sidebar. 

So , after result UPU keluar , the first thing that come up on my mind was of course flight ticket lah, yelah nak buat edftar awal awal pun the next day baru boleh buat , so i start surveying the flight ticket , actually i dah lama survey dari time nak mohon UPU dulu, yelah sebab i macam yakin gila dapat Unimas kan, so i already search through everything and ask my senior everything. Time awal awal dulu survey harga memang jauh beza lah , but noted this , time puasa n raya season harga memang mahal . okay i bagi contoh like this,

from KLIA to Kuching

tempah ticket 2/2/2017 for 3/3/2017 = RM102.00 ( not peak season + book awal sebulan)
tempah ticket 17/2/2017 for 3/3/2017 = RM110.00 ( not peak season + book awal 2 minggu )
tempah ticket 3/5/2017 for 3/6/2017 = RM 210 (peak seaon + book awal sebulan)
tempah ticket 17/5/2017 for 3/6/2017 = RM280 (peak season + book awal 2 minggu)

you see, ada faham tak konsep  die?  time i nak book tu , i search for the cheapest flight tau tak kisah lah pagi buta ke because pagi pagi or midnight biasa flight ticket murah,, and lambat sehari je price tu mesti naik , member i yang tempah flight sama and depart time sama but lambat just 3 hari from the day i tempah , have to pay for RM 310.00 while i pay for RM280 hah see? 

so for permulaan nak pergi ni , senior i semua suggestkan malindo or mas sebab free luggage 30kg,yelah kalau nak AirAsia luggage dapat 7kg je wei hahahha, nanti kena bayar charges , total harga jadi lagi mahal. but for flight raya ke , hah i suggest air asia lah.  i tempah from traveloka, siap install apps die lagi , and pay via debit card , if your parents yang tempahkan you punya flight make sure nanti you ada diorang punya salinan fotostet debit or credit card and salinan ic okay for proof, nanti time dah siap book die ade mention dalam email, just follow the instructions okay.

so next DPT.

Dokumen Perjalanan Terhad. so this for orang Semenanjang yang nak pergi ke Sabah or Sarawak lama, or study mcam I, DPT ni sah selama 5 tahun , function die macam passport lah lebih kurang. So first i pergi UTC melaka to Jabatan Imigresen nak buat but sadly dekat sana just for Antarabangsa punya , so they told me to go to JPN Ayer Keroh and it operate during office hours je , Monday till Friday so that day went to waste lah,
so hari isnin i went with my father , before you kene ade salinan IC and 2 keping gambar passport background putih, disarankan ambik dekat situ jugak because the officer said there were cases yang diorang ambik gambar dekat luar and end up tak boleh guna sebab gambar jauh , dekat JPN tu dah disediakan tempat ambik gambar, dekat level bawah sekali deret restaurant, , so dah ada salinan IC and 2 keping gambar, so pergi balik jabatan imigresen , ambik no giliran dekatkaunter luar , and wait lah haha, sekejap je , bayaran RM5.00 sahaja .

but i have to wait 2 hours nak tunggu DPT tu siap so sementara tu i bukak account bank islam , oh ya Unimas kene bukak account Bank Islam, just RM100 needed okay, kalau dah official 18 just bawak surat tawaran that you get from Unimas via Poslaju , IC & lesen kalau ada, kalau belum official, kene ade surat beranak. hehe. so tu je kot, any question just hit the comment section below okay. 

May 22, 2017

UNIMAS : e-daftar

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As promised, so i will kongsikan to everyone each process i go through , well maybe untuk panduan juniors (kalau ade haha) , well i like to write in English actually because it express my feelings more accurately but , atas permintaan , i try to use Malay , but pardon my Manglish , I'm comfortable with it, Thanks.

So , dalam sistem UPU  , the say they will announce the result on 14th May , Sunday but kalau iikut logic , does anyone work on Sunday? LOL so they extend the date on 15 th of May 2017 on 12 noon.

Dub dab , dub dab, well for junior yang baca ni, you guys mesti pernah rasa saat paling menggerunkan or yg men-dub-dab-kan waiting for your SPM result right, so welcome , selain debaran nak tunggu result SPM, debaran nak tunggu result UPU pun boleh tahan tau  , haha.

So, at that time we can checked our result on UPU's website , but of course lah jammed.
but don't worry ade banyak alternatif link for all of you , selain cek melalui SMS,

SMS : UPU RESULT 99020201****
and send it to 15888

and i bet the links are all the same each year, kot lah,
so here ,

so, being me, i already save the draft ok hahah, so tepat je 12 tgh hari i press the send button, but of course i check through website jugak, and Alhamdulillah either one dari above links is okay not jammed, the ums one ,
so here,

Praise be to Him. so after that you have to wait lah hahha, maybe tell your parents and what not , sahkan tawaran hanya boleh dibuat mulai 16 May 2017 at 12 noon,
so when the day arrive, i clicked on this LINK you can see it at the picture above.

so you will be redirect to this website,
ade macam tentafif umum lah liddat.

so tarikh kemasukan 3rd of June, lebih kurang like my seniors
flight ticket? sabar i will guide you at my next post okay , sabar belum habis cerita lagi ni.
so after that i have to sahkan lah my comfirmation , ye ke dak nak gi UNIMAS ni hah macam tu lah kiranya maksud edaftar ni , sekarang zaman dah maju semua hujung jari je bak kata iklan kan, so daftar online je sampai sana nanti hulur je semua docs yang telah diisi tu eh cewah jauh tersimpang dah ni, so , after that i have to edaftar HERE. (the link is on the picture above)

tadaa, i tought maybe i'm giving all of you too much sneak peak, maybe no peak at all hahah, well i'm glad if this help you , because dulu at my time, i don't know much because no blogger reveal much so i dah tekad nak tolong all of you, hehe,

so to sahkan your taraf as their asasi student you need to login here, but you need to have the password, the password is your matric id, but you have to  get it by yourself by SMS ,

send to 15888

and also , you have to wait sooooooo long , time i dulu , we have like group in whatsapp , they gather all the asasi students who got the offer to unimas , the same batch , not all well some je , and they discuss any issues there, the group dipantau oleh senior , so any ques you can ask there, so at that time everyone persoalkan they had SMS like one day but no reply , like lamanya tunggu , so tiba tiba there this one person come like a superman, said don't waste your time, just call the numbers,
so if you look at the above picture you can see this ,

Urusan Kemasukan Pelajar dan Katalaluan(Pusat Pengajian Pra-Universiti):082-582479, 082-582294, 082-582480

so, just make a call to any of those , and said that you got the offer to unimas, pre university programmed and you want yous kata laluan to e-daftar, so they will ask for your IC and just like that you have your password.

so there, you have to sahkan sama ada you terima or not the offer, and once you reject or accept, dah tak boleh patah balik okay, so think carefully and discuss with your family carefully okay , so there, you have to 

1. accept or reject the offer,
2. you have to download the offer letter, but it is a computer generated so it doesn't have your name of matriks ID (but you will get the surat tawaran rasmi from UNIMAS later okay, the official ones  via POSLAJU )
  but i will show you the computer generated one , okay to assure you ,

so later when you received the official one like i already received today , it just the same just it had your name and Matriks ID.

3. We have to download the Panduan PPPU UNIMAS 2017, Borang PPPU UNIMAS 2017 & Panduan Sampel Borang PPPU UNIMAS 2017

All the infos you need are there just you need to read it really carefully, so i'm not gonna share it here because it soooo damn banyak haha, but if you really really really need it, just ring me at the comment section below and put your email, and reason why you need it and i will send it to you okay.

4. so after you finished the first section you have to buat Pendaftaran Calon Program Asasi Sains online ,  it stated thatt you have to siapkan means fill all the forms yang dah download tu baru proceed but most of us just proceed anyways hahah, so you will be redirect to this page ,

it just the same but at this section you hanya boleh isi sekali je  , apa yang nak isi? your private information,  full names , adress, parents name , family income & etc. so you have to make sure you cek 2 to 3 times before submitting ya because there is no turning back. you can't correct your infos if you salah masukkan , so be careful.

then , the next section , you have to fill in some infos like size baju ,( for lab coat and the size is big, so pick one size smaller)  and if you naik plane , your flight name and you sampai bila because they will pick you with bus and bawak pergi UNIMAS , dalam around 15-20 mins (my senior said lah  , well i tak sampai lagi haha)

5. so after that , you will have to print the edaftar slip, as a form of proof lah, if you don;t have printer right away, don't worry, you can just save it .

so this slip is important because you have to present it when you daftar sana nanti.

so that's all for e-daftar,
thanks for reading , stay tune for my next entry okay ,

May 19, 2017

UPU : Bantuan Kewangan Asasi

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Hi guys, so how your UPU result? Did you get the university you dream of?
Or you were rejected?

So, Alhamdulillah , praised be to Him, i got my first choice, Asasi Sains Fizikal, UNIMAS.
It was hard at first, to convince my family, but if you endured hard, it will pass, 
So i already booked my flight ticket to Kuching from KLIA 1. 
and it was a god damn blood suck RM 330.00 compared to the normal price , RM100++
well , i did understand because of the peak season (read: puasa & raya) 

and i was able to talk to my parents to allow me go by myself, i have my friends, because , raya dah nak dekat sobs sobs so of course i try reaaly damn hard to not burden them , 

"Kalau taknak bebankan parents then sambung jelah KMTJ kan senang , tak payah jauh jauh "

You will never understand if you were not in my shoes, how much i want to enroll in Asasi programmed and why i really really really put KMTJ as my last resort. 
I was really really happy you know bila i check my UPU then , i dapat UNIMAS , i was like ya Allah , Alhamdulillh , it was like He answered my prayer to give me second chances . i was really really really happy. and i know i am a burden to my parents for choosing such a far away place, but please let me be selfish just this one last time , 

pardon me , sebab dah lari topik hahahhaha, okay about Bantuan Kewangan Asasi
so start this year , not everyone that get into Asasi in UA will get Elaun & Free Yuran,

So , i was sad for some of my friends, but Alhamdulillah i still get the elaun & yuran free & also flight ticket elaun .

So you have to isi some sort of borang that you can download from Kementerian Pendidikan Tinggi website, but for Unimas student , they will be given there, well lucky me. but don't worry if your family income above 10K but you have many siblings , yes i know it's not fair , but as i was informed, everyone will be given the form to fill in , so although your family income is above 10K , but you have many siblings , in sya Allah , the gov will not act siily.

It also hard because TAPEM did not provide bantuan kewangan or pinjaman for Asasi students , and some of my friends from other school that got offer from UNIMAS terpaksa reject the offer because of this,

We teenagers should be free to follow our dreams and pursue our dream education but it is so sad that we have to choose between the education of our dream and money.

All the best for everyone , and don't worry for the juniors guidance  i will do another entry to tell you my preparations getting into UNIMAS & so on. 
till then, I'm so sleepy, any question comment okay.

for more infos, and details regarding this matter , click HERE .

pray for my preparations to be smooth, i will be flying this 3rd of June.

May 2, 2017


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11 days till 14th of  May. When i was in my last year of highschool , i was selfishly the type to ignore about others , (read *amalkan sikap pergi mampus) but i think these days while i was busy distance myself from others , i lost track of miles.
The pros of it, i can study more efficiently , without concerning others without clouding my brain with others problem , the cons ,if you don't want to be burden by anyone then it's basic to not burden anyone with your problem too , ok. 

So these days i was searching for a person. These days i was thinking harder than usual , should i told him? what if she think i was too clingy? what if he was so busy to entertain my immaturity ? what if things got awkward between us? I just want someone to turn off my button , someone i can rant 24/7 and of course it should be give and take , but i thought i was carelessly building my walls those past days until i forgot to build a door. I don't know what is wrong with me,i'm not going to be too detailed because heck, I don't even know what I'm going through. I don't have the words to describe how I'm feeling or why I'm feeling the way I'm feeling now. Everything just seems to be very distant.

If i can pick between  beauty, confidence , i will choose the later . 
Instead of encouraging others and hearing others talk about how i can pass any interview easily , i want to say that i was afraid of interview too.
My feet got cold, my hand trembling from time to time, my sleep become poorer.
I'm not that confidence too, but people aren't noticing and they just think i'm joking, it's hard.
I'm not that confidence, it took me days to confront others , i was always assuming , it never took me an ounce of courage to rant about you face to face. 

I was never confidence with my English. It broke me so hard when I didn't got the interview for TESL , i was cover in grief for not putting it as my first choice , because right now i am afraid to continue with science physical , . I love math , 
I never even pass any test in addmath during my school year except the unofficial ones, but because i love it badly , i work hard and i was so proud even i only got a B+ in SPM .
But i am afraid of chemistry, it swept my life upside down . I am afraid. I always believe hardwork will never betray me , but i am afraid.

How do you like my new playlist? I'm having a girl crush on IU . I'm getting an eargasm 

till then, bye.

Panduan ke Matrikulasi sesi 2017/2018 - Yay or Nay?

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Hi. So after everyone got their SPM result on 16th of March 2017, there are some of us that were very happy , some were too fragile to even question her / his result , some just move on from the past and some still delusional about what to feel or what to do, so instead of working on any part time job and stock my pocket with money i kinda be like education consultant to my friends , it's hard , sometimes they got on my nerve , sometimes i question the Google existence with them , and sometimes i feel like ignoring everyone and from time to time i thanks the people around me whenever i sigh hard they will knock some sense in me that , you help others , one day you will be needing their help too, 

So Matrikulasi , for SPM candidates of this year , ingat apply matrikulasi tahun ni, bukan dah dapat result SPM baru nak tanya , Wei macam mana nak apply matrikulasi ni , mak cik aku kata result aku ni layak boleh apply matrikulasi ni , and my only answer will be ,  palebana kau , pergi solat taubat la 

Result Matrikulasi sesi 2017 / 2018 ni dah keluar sejak 27th April 2017 lagi, boleh semak dekat
masukkan IC and you will get result macam ni,

Yes, i ' ve got Matrikulasi Teknikal dekat Johor well supposely lah sebab memang ambik aliran sains teknikal during my form 4 & form 5 years and almost everyone in my class got the same place , bosan kan muka sama, hahaha.

So bila dah dapat ni apa nak buat , nak terus accept ke ? Hah macam mana nak accept ke nak reject ? Sabar dulu , tarik nafas dulu , why everyone is so into making fast decision kalau bab matriks ni? hahaha Kepada yang tanya macam mana nak accept tu , macam mana kalau nak tukar aliran la (btw matriks hanya ada aliran sains, teknikal dan akaun sahaja ya) , or nak tukar tempat lah dapat yang jauh lah. Kak, bang baca lah dulu dari atas sampai bawah. semua ada dekat situ , 

1. Pengesahan Surat Tawaran 
  - klik situ kalau nak terima or tolak tawaran Matrikulasi
-nasihat aku jangan tergopoh gapah nak buat keputusan , bawak bincang dengan family dulu sebab Matrikulasi ni dah baik hati suruh kau fikir masak masak and bagi tempoh sampai 14th May untuk kau decide betul betul.

- "Tapi aku baca die bagi masa sampai 11th May jelah!!" 
-- kau baca web mana ni , lain kali semak laman web rasmi bukan aku larang kau baca informasi daripada laman web mana mana but macam gosip jugak nak tau kebenaran baik tanya yang empunya badan kan? hah like that simple. 11th May tu tarikh last kau boleh semak KEPUTUSAN PERMOHONAN ke Matrikulasi sesi 2017/2018 sama ada hang dapat ke dak. 
-Tarikh akhir untuk menerima tawaran Matrikulasi adalah pada 14/05/2017.

15/05/2017 - 31/05/2017 adalah tarikh pra-pendaftaran online.
- "Betul ke kalau terima matriks then tak dapat UPU?" -- Tak awak semua , read this

- "Kenapa nak tunggu result UPU keluar pulak, kalau aku accept sekarang , then bila result UPU keluar aku nak accept UPU pulak boleh je kan?"
Boleh je but boleh tak jangan jadi selfish , berlambak orang dekat luar sana nak at least nak nak masuk matrikulasi ni , but bila kau accept tapi dalam hati "alah bukan aku nak sangat pun masuk matriks ni nanti result upu keluar aku pergi ah university" , awak tau tak ke selfish - an awak tu telah menutup peluang untuk belajar orang lain , kuota untuk orang yang tak dapat matrikulasi but nak buat permohonan dah makin kecil, you just block their path , so apa salah tunggu result UPU keluar then choose between those two? ingat awak permudahkan jalan orang hari ni , in sya Allah , one day is your turn.

"Saya dapat matrikulasi jauh lah , boleh tak nak mohon tukar ?"
-- Melayu sangat, tak reti bersyukur , berapa ribu orang dekat luar sana berebut nak masuk Matrikulasi and kau tak reti bersyukur walaupun dapat tempat jauh? Awak, sampai bila you wanna sit in your comfort zone, grow up , be a man.. I don't think you boleh tukar so duduk diam , you damn spoil brat. dah tau tak nak jauh jauh but time apply tu pahal gatal nau tangan tu letak situ? 

"Saya tak mohon pun matriks dekat sini but dapat sini, how come?"
-- Read above paragraph and boy , bersyukurlah mana tau awak sepatutnya  , tak dapat pun matriks but He gave you mercy and awak dapat altho bukan anywhere yang you mohon.

"Boleh tak nak tukar aliran?"
--Boleh asalkan aliran tu ade dekat matriks yang awak dapat

"Saya dapat program satu tahun , boleh tak nak tukar ke program 2 tahun?"
--Boleh but sila berurusan dengan pihak Matrikulasi yang awak dapat ye
ataupun klik 12.Buku Panduan PST

So kalau dah memang sebulat hati nak accept matriks ni
-Pendaftaran masuk Matrik adalah pada 5/6/7 June, bergantung kpd surat tawaran anda. Bayar yuran pendaftaran SEBELUM masuk daftar di Matrik
-Untuk sesiapa yang mendapat tawaran Matrik & dpt min 5A-, boleh mohon Dermasiswa one-off dari Peneraju. Mohon sini -

-Dapat elaun  persem dalam 2K but tak tolak yuran semua , kalau tolak dalam 1.2K++ rasanya (this is only my rough calculation okay) , but dengar cerita maybe elaun this year dikurangkan , well anything possible kan with the economic right now but rumors will stay as rumors as long as it not stated officially
-Fast track to degree , only 2 sem like one year and tadaaa you akan pursue degree
-Sijil Matrikulasi dah boleh guna untuk apply kerja 

-Laju, padat not for anyone yang tak reti manage their time wisely , but why not challenge yourself kan hahaha  
- Sistem macam zaman persekolahan lagi , 
-You have to compete with pelajar F6 , KPM & other for your place untuk degree nanti (mana mana tempat pun kalau pointer rendah tak boleh secure sangat so just work hard okay)

In a nutshell, I'm just 18 like all of you belum rasa pun matriks ni so maybe akan ada yang kata "alah acah je gaya macam lepasan matriks je tau semua benda" so i have to agree sis taktau mana pun just sharing is caring kan for what i've got through reading and what not everything else , so adakah i will accept Matrikulasi sesi 2017 / 2018? well have to wait till this 14th of May and i will inform you guys, so doakan sis nak tunggu result UPU well agak cuak , till then Assalamualaikum. Have a great day ahead of you.

1. I only post things with my opinion , so no offense
2. Based on what i research, asking, reading , so any misinformation , kindly comment below in a good manner please.
3. Any questions also please hit the comment section below

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