Oct 13, 2013

Download Video dari acg-tube.com

Assalamualaikum and hello.
Dah makan? Hari ni space bar saya rosak susah nak tekan sebab tengah hari tadi tertumpah air nescafe susu... terukkan saya.. (berikan penyelesaian bagi sapa yang tahu)

okay, get on with the tutorial.. macam mana nak download video dari www.acg-tube.com
saya suka tengok movie dekat web tu best!
it had a LOT!
and the commenter always ask how to download the video from that site,
so today i will be a bit generous and tell you all the trick..
ahaha,  takda lah tricky mana pun
bak kata  orang sharing is caring kan~

1. Open your Google Chrome.
This thing can only be done with Google Chrome, for those who don't have it, you can download it HERE

2. Click HERE,  and add the FVD player to your chrome

3. Download the iLivid .

okay, have all the things we need here.. let's proceed!

1. Open acg-tube.com and choose the video/movie you want to download.
okay, for me i choose The Conjuring

2. Play the video. Now when you see the FVD button on the top right of your chrome (the down blue errow) it will turns blue in color right. click the button.

3. see the very looooong link right. click 'copy to clipboard' button. the little button is just right beside the link.  don't confuse it with the button "DOWNLOAD 317.mb"  (sorry i can't screen capture it, it broke down)

4. Now, open your iLivid. Paste the link that you have copied there. then just wait okay. done

*the subtitle doesn't include.

okay,, ada faham? sorry i know you spin your head reading this right.. hahah~
anything goes wrong .. comment and insyallah i will help you ;)