May 19, 2017

UPU : Bantuan Kewangan Asasi

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Hi guys, so how your UPU result? Did you get the university you dream of?
Or you were rejected?

So, Alhamdulillah , praised be to Him, i got my first choice, Asasi Sains Fizikal, UNIMAS.
It was hard at first, to convince my family, but if you endured hard, it will pass, 
So i already booked my flight ticket to Kuching from KLIA 1. 
and it was a god damn blood suck RM 330.00 compared to the normal price , RM100++
well , i did understand because of the peak season (read: puasa & raya) 

and i was able to talk to my parents to allow me go by myself, i have my friends, because , raya dah nak dekat sobs sobs so of course i try reaaly damn hard to not burden them , 

"Kalau taknak bebankan parents then sambung jelah KMTJ kan senang , tak payah jauh jauh "

You will never understand if you were not in my shoes, how much i want to enroll in Asasi programmed and why i really really really put KMTJ as my last resort. 
I was really really happy you know bila i check my UPU then , i dapat UNIMAS , i was like ya Allah , Alhamdulillh , it was like He answered my prayer to give me second chances . i was really really really happy. and i know i am a burden to my parents for choosing such a far away place, but please let me be selfish just this one last time , 

pardon me , sebab dah lari topik hahahhaha, okay about Bantuan Kewangan Asasi
so start this year , not everyone that get into Asasi in UA will get Elaun & Free Yuran,

So , i was sad for some of my friends, but Alhamdulillah i still get the elaun & yuran free & also flight ticket elaun .

So you have to isi some sort of borang that you can download from Kementerian Pendidikan Tinggi website, but for Unimas student , they will be given there, well lucky me. but don't worry if your family income above 10K but you have many siblings , yes i know it's not fair , but as i was informed, everyone will be given the form to fill in , so although your family income is above 10K , but you have many siblings , in sya Allah , the gov will not act siily.

It also hard because TAPEM did not provide bantuan kewangan or pinjaman for Asasi students , and some of my friends from other school that got offer from UNIMAS terpaksa reject the offer because of this,

We teenagers should be free to follow our dreams and pursue our dream education but it is so sad that we have to choose between the education of our dream and money.

All the best for everyone , and don't worry for the juniors guidance  i will do another entry to tell you my preparations getting into UNIMAS & so on. 
till then, I'm so sleepy, any question comment okay.

for more infos, and details regarding this matter , click HERE .

pray for my preparations to be smooth, i will be flying this 3rd of June.