May 22, 2017

UNIMAS : e-daftar

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As promised, so i will kongsikan to everyone each process i go through , well maybe untuk panduan juniors (kalau ade haha) , well i like to write in English actually because it express my feelings more accurately but , atas permintaan , i try to use Malay , but pardon my Manglish , I'm comfortable with it, Thanks.

So , dalam sistem UPU  , the say they will announce the result on 14th May , Sunday but kalau iikut logic , does anyone work on Sunday? LOL so they extend the date on 15 th of May 2017 on 12 noon.

Dub dab , dub dab, well for junior yang baca ni, you guys mesti pernah rasa saat paling menggerunkan or yg men-dub-dab-kan waiting for your SPM result right, so welcome , selain debaran nak tunggu result SPM, debaran nak tunggu result UPU pun boleh tahan tau  , haha.

So, at that time we can checked our result on UPU's website , but of course lah jammed.
but don't worry ade banyak alternatif link for all of you , selain cek melalui SMS,

SMS : UPU RESULT 99020201****
and send it to 15888

and i bet the links are all the same each year, kot lah,
so here ,

so, being me, i already save the draft ok hahah, so tepat je 12 tgh hari i press the send button, but of course i check through website jugak, and Alhamdulillah either one dari above links is okay not jammed, the ums one ,
so here,

Praise be to Him. so after that you have to wait lah hahha, maybe tell your parents and what not , sahkan tawaran hanya boleh dibuat mulai 16 May 2017 at 12 noon,
so when the day arrive, i clicked on this LINK you can see it at the picture above.

so you will be redirect to this website,
ade macam tentafif umum lah liddat.

so tarikh kemasukan 3rd of June, lebih kurang like my seniors
flight ticket? sabar i will guide you at my next post okay , sabar belum habis cerita lagi ni.
so after that i have to sahkan lah my comfirmation , ye ke dak nak gi UNIMAS ni hah macam tu lah kiranya maksud edaftar ni , sekarang zaman dah maju semua hujung jari je bak kata iklan kan, so daftar online je sampai sana nanti hulur je semua docs yang telah diisi tu eh cewah jauh tersimpang dah ni, so , after that i have to edaftar HERE. (the link is on the picture above)

tadaa, i tought maybe i'm giving all of you too much sneak peak, maybe no peak at all hahah, well i'm glad if this help you , because dulu at my time, i don't know much because no blogger reveal much so i dah tekad nak tolong all of you, hehe,

so to sahkan your taraf as their asasi student you need to login here, but you need to have the password, the password is your matric id, but you have to  get it by yourself by SMS ,

send to 15888

and also , you have to wait sooooooo long , time i dulu , we have like group in whatsapp , they gather all the asasi students who got the offer to unimas , the same batch , not all well some je , and they discuss any issues there, the group dipantau oleh senior , so any ques you can ask there, so at that time everyone persoalkan they had SMS like one day but no reply , like lamanya tunggu , so tiba tiba there this one person come like a superman, said don't waste your time, just call the numbers,
so if you look at the above picture you can see this ,

Urusan Kemasukan Pelajar dan Katalaluan(Pusat Pengajian Pra-Universiti):082-582479, 082-582294, 082-582480

so, just make a call to any of those , and said that you got the offer to unimas, pre university programmed and you want yous kata laluan to e-daftar, so they will ask for your IC and just like that you have your password.

so there, you have to sahkan sama ada you terima or not the offer, and once you reject or accept, dah tak boleh patah balik okay, so think carefully and discuss with your family carefully okay , so there, you have to 

1. accept or reject the offer,
2. you have to download the offer letter, but it is a computer generated so it doesn't have your name of matriks ID (but you will get the surat tawaran rasmi from UNIMAS later okay, the official ones  via POSLAJU )
  but i will show you the computer generated one , okay to assure you ,

so later when you received the official one like i already received today , it just the same just it had your name and Matriks ID.

3. We have to download the Panduan PPPU UNIMAS 2017, Borang PPPU UNIMAS 2017 & Panduan Sampel Borang PPPU UNIMAS 2017

All the infos you need are there just you need to read it really carefully, so i'm not gonna share it here because it soooo damn banyak haha, but if you really really really need it, just ring me at the comment section below and put your email, and reason why you need it and i will send it to you okay.

4. so after you finished the first section you have to buat Pendaftaran Calon Program Asasi Sains online ,  it stated thatt you have to siapkan means fill all the forms yang dah download tu baru proceed but most of us just proceed anyways hahah, so you will be redirect to this page ,

it just the same but at this section you hanya boleh isi sekali je  , apa yang nak isi? your private information,  full names , adress, parents name , family income & etc. so you have to make sure you cek 2 to 3 times before submitting ya because there is no turning back. you can't correct your infos if you salah masukkan , so be careful.

then , the next section , you have to fill in some infos like size baju ,( for lab coat and the size is big, so pick one size smaller)  and if you naik plane , your flight name and you sampai bila because they will pick you with bus and bawak pergi UNIMAS , dalam around 15-20 mins (my senior said lah  , well i tak sampai lagi haha)

5. so after that , you will have to print the edaftar slip, as a form of proof lah, if you don;t have printer right away, don't worry, you can just save it .

so this slip is important because you have to present it when you daftar sana nanti.

so that's all for e-daftar,
thanks for reading , stay tune for my next entry okay ,

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