Dec 18, 2016

How to: watch kdrama with Viu? (Malaysian or Asian)

Annyeonghaseyo . Hi people.

It had been such a very very long time since I updated my blog. Well you know I'm very busy with SPM and stuffs yeah. 
So after SPM ended, well of course I'm gonna back on track with blogging k-drama-ing hahaha lol.
So many of my friends were asking lately , "Mon camne kau nak tengok drama korea dohhh, selain website lambat dohh ade part part..." or "aku tak tengok guna computer la aku gune ipad or phone takde apps ke nak guna.. plsss" or etc.
So today well because i'm pretty happy today myself so let's get on the topic 

Okay so the best apps if you want to watch k drama using your phone or tablet or computer of course with 'VIKI'  taraaaa....
But because we're Asian and we're Malaysian ourselves so pretty much it never help tho (sebab tak de lesen )
So if you're Malaysian like me too and Asian of course so you're on the right track to get start 

1. Install VIKI of course

2. Install this helpful buddy

3. Then add VIKI to the 'add apps' like this

4 . Then try open up Viki again and taraaaaa .... you can go all night watching your fav k drama !!!

This buddy is a very helpful one right, you can change your location also . For me i set it to the United States . Look for it above ya. So if the drama you want to watch is not available then try change your location kay.

I hope this entry can be helpful to you. Well since i like to do everything using phone, including doing my entry here so i think i just wanna lend a helping hand for those who are in the same track as me . Peace hehe..
Adios any question you can leave it on the comment section below . 

P/s: i've working out hard lately give me any tips will you? Hehe 

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