Aug 23, 2015


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Faith is like taking a first step even when you don't see the whole staircase.
Keep Believing.
I don't how i'm gonna turn up next year or next month or next week or tomorrow and so on. 
I can just keep praying for Him to straighten my path.

Today i love you , tomorrow i might hate you.
Heart dear, it's the heart. We'll never know the surprises. Just believe in Qada' and Qadar.
Awak, i'm sorry if one day i turn my back on you. 
I just hope for you to slap my face hard enough and front me face to face.
Sorry is easier to be said than to be done.
I know that, i just hope i will always be right there for you. In your ups and downs. 
Cuba redha.
Cuba syukur seadanya.
Cuba sabar dan percaya.
Insyaallah, perancangan Dia tu luar daripada expectation kita.
Dia mesti nakkan yang terbaik.
"Kerana Dia tahu kita mampu,
oleh itu kita diuji sayang.

So, i really don't have a degree on the poetic words.
Btw, straight As Diagnostik 2015 please. Ameen. 
for me, for you , for both of us and for all the Le' Scintillating 1216
Dear Ain, Uhibbukifillah Jiddan Jiddan Abadan Abada.

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