May 3, 2015

By Heart

"Kau dah banyak berubah."
Did you often got that sentence? Yeah i am.
If i want, i will reply.
"It's not me who changed. It is you who didn't live in the up & down of my life."
But i'm too kind to hurt your feelings.
Because to me i still hope you are a friend to me.
Yes i am . I'm making some changes in my life. If you don't hear anything from me, you are one of them.
To you, well let me dedicate this quote for you.
When someone says "You've changed." It simply means you've stopped living your life their way.
Like he said "Semakin kau besar kau akan mula sedar , kau tak perlukan kawan yang banyak pun dalam hidup ni."
All i need is Sahabat, who will not flinch even an inch when she/he heard about your bad rumors. Because she know you by your heart. She know your heart more than she know you. Although in her heart she also doubting you and want to know the truth from your mouth when you're ready but at her face she didn't showed it even a cell because she know she had to be strong for you. And she know, from now on she heard about your problems, you will have a lot of trust issues and she don't want to be in one of them. Because she know now you are riding in your life roller coaster that will take you by screaming a LOT. Because then in her heart, she hope that when she is having the same drama in her life AGAIN , you will be there the same way, like she did be for you. That's Sahabat.

So, i am in the journey of finding one.
I don't need trillion nor million or hundreds just one is enough.
Yes, the journey had started a long time a go, in searching for sahabat that i know him/her and him/her know me by Heart.

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