Dec 2, 2014

Just have to breath

now keep your eyes off me and take a deep breath 
well you can continue reading , 2nd Dec woahh 2014 really flew like a *ffft
have you ever think what really is you doing right know, why i did this or i have to live for a damn what?!?! well that thought will seemly got into you sometimes like a refugee trying to get a hold of the country she or he is staying *woahhh just what am i ***
i'm a bookworm and i am unconditionally and irrevocably in love (don't laugh if u know this line) with supernatural romance english novel .
so my life is like this.
watching Twilight series over and over again until i managed to put a thought of Bella Swan in my head "Edward Cullen might get sick of your face watching him almost every month so can you just put off your damn face out of my boyfriend ??" 

or dreaming someday i can have a triangle love story like Cha Eun Sang and got a die-hot-dramatically-life with Kim Tan 

or waiting for a hot-dead-gorgeous boy to pull off my neck and turn me into his gorgeous undead eternals @ vampire girl and get the two siblings of hot-dead-gorgeous vampire pull out their fist because each one of them thought i am their long lost elena

oahhh can life just be this damn exciting thrilling trilogy? hahaha face it this is me.
you know here i will give you a sentence or something like motto oh right yes it is a motto to hold into in case just in case you might realize how pitiful your life are and how you want to end everything in your surrounding . just put this in your mind ,,

"Allah never burdens a soul beyond that it can bears."

SO when you can end this read of my so-damn-pitiful-like-to-kick-you-just-in-case-i-meet-you-blog-owner post , you can think just like me, likeee

yessssy now i understand why edward cullen won't choose me because there's possibility that i might run into Jacob when i get tired of his so cold hug

or finally obediently nodding why i never entangled my life like Cha Eun Sang because i probably 99% sure that i might change Kim Tan's life history because i'm sure enough that i will accept his dad offers and go puff to america or paris or france 

or draw my sweet pretty smile and truly accept my life why i don't have doppelganger that look like stefan and damon long-die-girlfriend because i know that i will become greedy and took the two of them because i will never get to choose between the two hot-dead-gorgeous-vampires 

so i hope this post inspired you on how to have a final thought of your life . so get a tight grip of december because you might let free of  yourself to be the insignificant and new you next year. 
until next time, adios!

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